Principal's Message

Dayanand Academy of Management Studies is committed to working together as a community to provide a safe, positive, equitable and supportive learning environment. We value the diversity of our students, and believe that all students are to be valued for their unique gifts. We believe in offering all children the opportunity to reach their potential through a rigorous curriculum. Equal importance is given to Curricular and extra-curricular activities to bring out the best in every student. An encouraging platform is provided for every student to bring out the latent talents in them. Our high-fliers are always honored and encouraged to continue their education to fulfill our vision Educating further and farther.

Our dedicated and collegial staff, our learner-friendly campus, and a scientifically designed standards-based academic program provide our students education as well as experience necessary for their development as a professional. Our College proclaims a powerful vision for the future of young people . Our particular focus is to encourage our students to be strengthened by the values; to take responsibility for directing their learning pathway and creating their future, well prepared to make a positive contribution to a changing and challenging world. I believe that my words give a glimmer of insight into who we are but I hope that it induces you to visit. I and my staff and students would be delighted to welcome you at Dayanand Academy of Management Studies.

Dr. Sandeep Singh Chandel
Principal Dayanand Academy of Management Studies